Nov 29, 2011

etsy roundup at 6th street

if you didn't see my etsy picks yesterday at 6th street design school, be sure and check them out here.

and a big thank you to kirsten for giving me a great excuse to window shop on esty!


  1. I just started getting into interior design...i have a fashion background which doesnt mean much as interior fashion is totally different than clothing! I luv it, althogh its so challenging. For me ive found that just finding inspirational pictures and gathering them really helps me find a direction. I learned that i luv art deco and ethnic! Uhhh so hard! Anyway I wanted to tell u that i really like your style and you seem like a really awesome mom! Plus i enjoy reading your writing. All that being said...who makes pillow #2? Ive bought things on etsy and luv it! Thank u!

  2. hi clairiza! the link for the pillow can be found on kirstens blog...isn't it great? it is a handmade silk velvet that is just GORGEOUS! thanks for your sweet comment! best of luck in the transition from fashion to interiors!

  3. Thanks Autumn! Its just a hobby...i am my only client, lol! And ive got lots to learn. Thanks for the inspiration!