Nov 10, 2011

my recent purchases

i did it.
i decided to splurge and buy some pillows made from schumacher's zanzibar in sandalwood for my family room. it does a fabulous job of bringing in a bit more color, and works really well with what i currently have. the fabric is over scaled and a bit *zany (not a word i use often, but fitting in this case), and that is what i love about it.

i also bought this pillow to bring in a bit more gray.
it is made from david hicks punch linen in pewter.

my son grady has been needing a lamp for his room. i knew i wanted a metal lamp, and was considering this one, but then i spotted this at the foundary, and into my cart it went.

i am looking forward to getting a few fun packages in the mail!


  1. I LOVE Zanzibar ! I have a sample hanging in my LR, think I'm going to bite the bullet and do draperies in there.

  2. very nice fabric...thanks for giving the link to it ;)