Nov 20, 2011

pajamas, pancakes + pedicures party

a look at my daughter charlotte's birthday party, which was held a little while ago at my house:
the theme was "pajamas, pancakes and pedicures".
the girls showed up in their pajamas, and we had breakfast and then all the girls got pedicures. it was perfect for 10 year old girls!
the inspiration for the party color scheme was the floral fabric, which i found in the clearance section at joann's for $2 a yard! i loved the different shades of pink and raspberry and purple. i thought it seemed girly and sophisticated. i decided to use muted shades of pinks and purples, and tossed in a little gold and black and cream.
i tied bunches of coordinating balloons to the chandelier with coordinating ribbon. 
the "10" was made from pictures of charlotte throughout the was so fun to look at, we kept it up for almost a week after the party.

the flowers really make the table special. i was lucky to find them at my local grocery store! 
the colored candy was purchased at a party supply store.

i brought a fabric sample to the bakery, and they matched the colors. the cake only cost $16.
charlotte wanted sparklers instead of candles.

as a party favor, each girl got a pedicure set (from the dollar store) and a gift bag.

i hired a gal to come and give pedicures to the girls. they LOVED it! i bought some large cheap bowls from the dollar store, and filled them with warm, soapy water. each girl soaked her feet while she waited for her pedicure.

my husband was a little reluctant to let us use sparklers on the birthday cake, so we stood next to an open door while we sang happy was totally fun and cute, and the sparklers didn't leave any ashes or residue on the cake at all (which i feared)! it turned out great. we let the kids light the leftover sparklers outside.

the finished toes....

and, the birthday girl, charlotte.

the invitations...
i just printed out the invite on a plain ivory card and added the colored strips of paper at the bottom, which i sort of "weaved" to give a 3d effect. i lined the envelopes with gold wrapping paper.

the party favors:
i bought 1/2 yard of fabric and sewed the bags myself. the purple flower is actually a hair band, and was purchased at the dollar store.

inside the gift bag was a little tin filled with candy, some bubbles, and two mini bottles of nail polish.

happy birthday charlotte!


  1. VERY cute idea. I love it! (especially the super cute 10 year old!)

  2. Darling and sophisticated!!! Your daughter loved it I'm sure because who can beat the 3 "P's?" Even us grown up gals love 'em!

  3. Adorable! Love the color scheme. Might have to "borrow" this for my girls' 11th this spring!

  4. What fun, I think a similar party is coming our way in this household! Great find at the dollar store! Janell

  5. This is just adorable! I have a twelve about to be thirteen year old (March)and she is asking for a birthday party with friends. Her last one was when she turned I do not think I have recovered yet!!! Looks like she had lots of fun!

  6. So cute! My daughter would love a party like this too. Sleepover, pedis and purple. All her favs.


  7. Love all the details, Such a cute girly party!

  8. Awe! I am so behind on my Design Dump! My mom and I are sitting here, post Turkey Day, salivating over your blog. Lucky Charlotte! Beautiful, beautiful party. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. So cool! She's a lucky girl! I like the color scheme and the awesome containers. That cake was a steal, too, but it looks like a million bucks.