Feb 16, 2012

my favorite budget ottomans

whew. is it just our family, or has the virus fairy been really, really busy lately? in the last few weeks, we have had strep throat, a cold, a sinus infection, two ear infections and bronchitis. i am hoping that we are ALL done for a while. 
while i was wallowing in bed this week (wishing i could pluck my achey eyeballs out of my head and throw them across the room), i had some time to think about some of my favorite budget-friendly pieces that i wanted to share with you.
i love the way ottomans can pull double and even triple duty in a room. i have two small ottomans in my family room that are constantly getting moved around and used as seats, footstools and even tables. 
we LOVE them. 
here are some stylish and affordable ottomans that you can add to YOUR space--my "best" budget ottomans:

1.  the price and metal legs are a great draw on this    x base ottoman. recovering the top with a more stylish fabric, or adding a welted box cushion with some railheads trim would make this ottoman a dead ringer for this one.

2. this tracie basic leather ottoman is available in several colors, and is the perfect portable seat/footstool.

3. if you are looking to add some texture to your room, consider these banana leaf stools....they are super affordable and have a fantastic shape.

4. the marie ottoman is classic all the way, and is available in many colors of velvet and linen. i have a crush on the matching marie chair.

5. i have used the red version of this barcelona-like  milano black leather ottoman in two different design plans, and have seen them in person. they are solid, and are a really great size. i especially love seeing them in a pair, side by side.

6. if you are looking for a classy little ottoman with some charming details, consider the chase pedestal ottoman. it is a fraction of the cost of similar ottomans.

7. remember those awesome jc penny footstools trellis that i managed to snag right before they stopped offering them? this palace stool  is a little more costly than the jc penny ones, but packs a similar style punch.

8. i really like the soft curvy lines of this course ottoman, it would fit with just about any decor.

9.this x-base ottoman is available in 2 finishes and dozens of fabrics.

do you have a favorite budget friendly ottoman? let me know!


  1. Love this post, Autumn! Those Home Decorator rattan ones are a steal.

  2. Awesome round up Autumn! Love #1 and just sourced one similar to #6 from Home Decorators. I try to always use ottomans in my designs, such a practical, space saving and good looking way to add seating.


  3. These are all great! You forgot the Kmart x stool, easy to customize! ;)

    1. oh, yes! love that one!! thanks for the reminder!

  4. Thanks to you Autumn, I have mine! And it's from Target. I'm waiting for the upholsterer to arrive and redo it and will then do a post! But Target has some very reasonable ones...