Feb 7, 2012

affordable find: gold twig table

most of the affordable finds that i come across get pinned immediately to my board on pinterest,
but this one is FRESH, and i wanted to share it with y'all first:

brass + marble gold twig table

twig accent table

nearly 90% off the real deal, and still looks pretty darn fabulous!
you're welcome.


  1. Wowzers! That is a huge price break. Great find!!!


  2. hello pinning friend! i just love your blog and i do not comment enough. i read it every time you post. anyway. . . just thought i would let you know that i ordered this very table last week and it is supposed to be coming today. it was useless resisting such a great deal for such a pretty piece! thank you for being so generous with your design talents. you've helped me with my newly renovated home. we also purchased the dressers that match your nightstand from jcpenney. they are awesome and what an amazing deal. thank you so much!--trissy

    1. ha! i'm glad you signed this trissy, or i would have been confused! hello pinning friend indeed! i think we are design twins. we both love the exact same stuff. i'm glad you scored those jc penney nightstands, and it looks like you officially beat me to this little table. thanks for commenting. and i will see you soon on pinterest!!
      smiles, autumn

  3. Ohh - I really want that, but they don't ship to Canada! Not fair! :(

  4. Amazing find! I need to find a place for this one!

  5. Love this table, what a great find it's so chic! I'm your newest follower, found you via pinterest. You have a lovely blog. I would love if you would stop by.


  6. Gorgeous! I'm racking my brains for a place in my house I could possibly put one of these to use. So pretty!


  7. I love this little table!

    I discovered this on one via The Foundary this morning...another very close match.


    tinab158 at hotmail dot com

  8. hi autumn! update: the table has a black top, not a white one. it is handsome, heavy, and simple to assemble. the finish comes off if it's scratched, but other than that, i'm very happy with the value. -trissy

    1. thank you so much for the update! SO great that you already have a table to give us all a report before we buy it! i seriously already have about 8 small round tables in my house, and if i had any idea where to put this table, would have already bought one.