Feb 9, 2012

two e-design plans

i thought i would share two more design plans that i completed for different clients.
because this room had so many windows, we decided to paint the walls a deep charcoal color,
and add roman shades in a lighter tone with a subtle pattern. the homeowners existing wicker furniture
will be updated with new cushions, and new side tables, lamps, and pillows will add texture and color.

this family room will get a boost with new wainscoting, and an eclectic mix of furnishings 
and accessoires. several shades of blues will be complemented with tones of gold, and brought 
together with the rug and pillows.

interested in working together to create a more functional and beautiful space?
i will not be taking on any more clients for full or mini room designs until the end of march,
but i can fit a phone consolation in anytime. email me for rates, to get on my waiting list, or for more information at autumnclemons@yahoo.com


  1. Beautiful designs! I can definitely picture these rooms completed! They will be beautiful! :)

  2. i really (really!) like that first plan. especially the chairs.

  3. Love them both so much! I'm totally loving grey right now and have to fight the urge to decorate my entire house in it (: Where is the clear blue lamp from in the first plan? I'd love that for my bedroom.

    1. the lamp was from home decorators, but is no longer available.

  4. Love the rug in the first design!!

  5. They're both great!

  6. Love the moody blues! Both the boards look so cozy!

  7. Love them both. Before I read what you wrote about them being for different clients I thought that one was for a living room and the other a family room in the same home. The feel of each room is similar.