Feb 19, 2012

presidential power

it's a long weekend, (for most of us--yay!) and i for one am grateful to be able to sleep in tomorrow!
i am a very patriotic person, and have always felt that no matter WHO the president is,
or what party he/she may be from,  that the title and weight of such a hefty calling has my full
support,  faith and respect.
now... while you will never find me plastering my walls with images of george bush or bill clinton,
there is something about the images of our older presidents that i find completely captivating. maybe it
is the sense of history that they evoke, or that things seem so much more simple and unpolluted "back then", or that their images seem to have a sense of dignified whimsy?
i'm not sure.
all i know is that i really like pictures/prints our founding fathers.
here are some that i would love to use in my own home...maybe in my son's room, in a family room or even a library or entry...
quentin curry

washington silhouette
john birdsong

lincoln montage
paul van scott

original painting: george washington
elizabeth mayville

great presidents
museum shop

on monday, i will be sharing a design plan for a young man that is mildly obsessed with baseball, coin collecting, and all things presidential! i really love taking peoples personalities and interests and creating a
space for them that reflect who they are what what they love! it is one of the things i love most about what i do!

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  1. I kind of forgot it was presidents' day....thanks for the reminder! One of my favorite pieces of "artwork" in my home is of Mt. Rushmore. My grandfather was hired to transport a new car from Detroit to California in the late 1930s and stopped at Mt. Rushmore when it was under construction. He took some photos and I had them scanned and printed by my photographer MIL. They are amazingly good quality for the age etc. I love that they remind me of my grandpa and they are a fun piece of "Americana"