Feb 21, 2012

print source:print collection

i am always looking for places to find affordable and unique art and prints. a few months ago, i was
introcuded to print collection. the owner, doug sent me an email, and i immediately liked what i saw.
their collection has a great selection of vintage architectural prints, some unique and colorful botanical prints, and a great collection of interesting prints that i have never seen anywhere else.

i bought this one for grady's room.
it's so perfect, i can hardly stand it!

doug sent me these two samples to review:
"geranium varieties"

i already have the perfect frame for this "buffalo running" print. i just need to take it to my local framers and get it set.

the prints are clear and crisp, and appear just as they do online. the paper they are printed on was also high quality. sometimes i hesitate to order prints online, because they are sometimes printed on flimsy or inferior paper. NOT the case with this company!

i was really pleased with how quickly the items were shipped, and the care with which they were packed.
the smaller "g" print arrived in a very sturdy flat parcel, and the two larger prints arrived in a 3" diameter tube. all three came in thick plastic sleeves to prevent sticking or damage.

print collection has also agreed to be my newest sponsor....so look for the button on my sidebar and click on it for a direct link to their shop. new items are being added daily, so be sure and check them out regularly.
here are a few that we added this week:

happy shopping!


  1. ooooh, These are fun! I love the zoo poster and the bright, big butterflies!


  2. Sequy prints are my absolute fave, they look beautiful framed on a wall as a group. Such an wonderful affordable option for those lacking a large art budget.
    Ursus Books in New York is an excellent source for them and they are quite helpful!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Great Choice! I just reviewed a lot of the New York City posters. Some of them I have never seen before. I think I would like to buy a few of the harbor. My husband's family were ship chandlers in lower Manhattan for 140 years. The botanical prints are breathtaking. I already repinned the buffalo running. Ann

  4. Autumn, check your yahoo acct....I think you've been hacked...unless you really are in Spain right now. :)

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