Feb 2, 2012

charlotte moss trims

charlotte moss recently introduced a new line of trim and fabrics available
at calico corners. the fabrics are feminine and traditional, and would look
great mixed with graphic prints and stripes, but what i am really loving are
a few of the trims:

my favorite is this one: a 2" fretwork inspired trim called "berlin".
it is available in 6 colors.

i also adore this one, (also around 2") called "munich"

there is also this cording (piping/welting) available in 11 colors.

here are a few great ways to use those wide trims and the cording:
i adore the look of trims added to the edge of curtains panels. it add another layer of
detail in a room that adds so much to a room.

this patterned roman shade gets a more tailored looks with the 
addition of trim on the bottom. 
(found via pinterest, but original source unknown.)

cording/welting/piping on edge of a pillow can really make a pillow eye-catching.

you can check out charlotte mod fabrics and trims here.


  1. i want more piping in my life. those pillows look great.

  2. I am a trim and piping lover too! Gotta have those details. I LOVE (yes all caps!) the trim you posted, thanks!

  3. What beautiful trim.The greek key is our favorite. we also think the solid green pillows with white welt are fantastic.

  4. Finishing details like this make me so happy.

  5. The roman shade with trim is my work. I created it for a client. It can be viewed on my Pinterest page at Becker Home. Www.becker-home.com

  6. The roman shade is my work. I created it for a client. It can be viewed on my Pinterest Page Becker Home. Www.becker-home.com