Feb 22, 2012


that is knoxville, tennessee natives teasingly call their hometown...and where i will be the rest of the week.

knoxville is where i met my husband.
where two of my kids were born.
where i spent most of my adult life.
home to my parents,
my in-laws,
my brother and his family,
and two of my husbands sisters and their families.
it was home to my little family for nearly a decade, and still feels like home to me.
i haven't been back since we moved in the summer of 2008, (our trip last summer was to alabama and florida and we didn't get to visit tennessee) so i am looking forward to seeing how things have changed.

i will be checking my email everyday still, but it might take me a little longer than normal to reply!
i will be on southern time. eating catfish fingers. hanging out with my bff.
meeting THREE nieces that have been born since i have lived in the west...one that was JUST born on sunday!

i might even be taking some fun pictures to share with you when i get back.
see you next week!

by the way, my email account was hacked this morning.
sorry if you received a request for me to wire you money from madrid.
as a result, my account was locked wile they do some investigating, so if you were
expecting an email from me, be patient.
i won't be able to access my account for 24 hours....


  1. Autumn, your yahoo acct. has been hacked, and the "hacker" has contacted me through your email more than once. Check it out.

  2. Alright, but I am NOT wiring you money to Knoxville, either. ;)

  3. Hey, sorry you got robbed at gunpoint, lol! Seriously though, it's really scary how easily people can get into your account, the same thing happened to my husband and me last year.

  4. I am glad you are able to visit family. It is so nice to reconnect with our loved ones!

    Boo on the hacker....

  5. That hack was a good one according to my techy husband. They typed in lowercase like you do as well as signing your name in lower case and adding a smily face. I was down in the BVIs and got wifi for the first time in days and your email scared the crap out of me.!!

  6. Just gladded you were hacked and not car jacked!