Feb 28, 2012

around town: knoxville, tennessee

the last few days in knoxville were a blast. i got to see lots of family, spend some time with my best friend, eat at some of my favorite spots, and i even managed to sneak in a pedicure and some shopping.
here are a few pictures i took of a few of  my adventures:

 this first batch of pictures were taken at cachepot, a floral design and garden boutique that has opened since i moved. 
the vibe is relaxed, elegant and earthy.

 the touches of moss everywhere added texture and lovely doses of green.

 the round frames on these letters are so fun!

 i actually HAVE this mercury glass pineapple, so it was fun to see how it was styled with moss and twigs.


if i EVER have birds, this is the type of cage i would want them in!
isn't this so interesting? 

 those are REAL birds, by the way!

 you can never go wrong with orchids....

 i was really intrigued with how this succulent was arranged with the clear glass box and the spanish moss.
i love it. i may try to do something like this in my own home.

 i liked how this jade plant and the green arrangement above it were put in wire baskets.
simple and elegant.

my next stop was bennett galleries, a long time favorite of mine:
the store has just about everything you could possibly want for the home...furniture, art, light fixtures,
italian antiques, garden urns, accessories, and all kinds of handmade and high-end housewares.
the building it is in used to be a movie theater, and so it is a huge space.

they have a great selection of unique and refined furniture.

 loved this arrangement of art.

this table has dozens of letterpress print blocks under glass...

i sat an looked at it for 5 minutes before i took this picture.  
it was SO interesting---such a conversation piece!

 a totally cool metal lamp...it had this amazing texture...

 everything is really beautiful in this store....
i found myself wanting to burn all the furniture in my home and start from scratch.
 they have a great selection of books.

 love the embroidery on this chair!

 the top of this table is made from petrified wood. i thought it was incredibly beautiful 
and completely fascinating. 

 i seriously wanted to bring this table home with me...but it was about $1500, and i was about $1475 short.

 LOVE, love this lamp. love.

 i spotted quite a few paris of ottomans, and these were some of my faves.

another ottoman pair---these in a simple blue velvet. 

 and finally....when i was getting a pedicure....
i spotted this great looking privacy screening at the nail salon.

simple ball chain hung from the ceiling. not only does this do the job of providing little bit of privacy, but it sparkled when the light hit it, and looked so chic. 

i have a few more pictures of some of my favorite details that i will be sharing tomorrow. see you then!


  1. Seriously fun stores. Makes me want a trip to Knoxville. I have one of those letter signs in a collage in my son's room. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Looks like a very cool store. So many interesting finds.

  3. What a fabulous trip! Love the round frames with the lettering. They remind me of vintage typewriter keys. Beautiful store!

  4. Wow those are some great stores, and beautiful pieces. So glad you had some time for a pedicure! Girl time is the best!

  5. Hey! The nail bar! That was my favorite place to get my nails too, this made me miss knoxville big time.

  6. i would love to work in these store !! :D
    its amazing !!


  7. Those bird cages are divine! I saw them in a dining room on a house tour online a while back-the owners had one on either side of a huge armoir and I never even noticed that there were no birds in them, haha! So pretty on their own...