Oct 17, 2012

thrift store finds

a few pictures of my latest thrift store scores...all unique and ALL under $2.
how could i resist?
 can you believe the great detail in this vase? it is a heavy little bugger too.
i almost feel like a genie might pop out if is rub it hard enough...

 i literally squealed (very quietly, though. i am not a total weirdo.) when i spotted this
 little handmade beauty. isn't is great?

this little ceramic guy will probably get a coat of spray paint when i finally decide where i 
want to put him.
i love how quirky and cool he his. and fierce. he is, after all, a LION.

 another pottery find. i love that someone MADE this. with their hands. (kinda hard to  find that kind of accessory at a big box store...)

a cute little brass apple. (it looks great on top of a stack of books.)

i don't go to thrift store as much as i used to. my husband has banned me (lovingly) from buying any more frames and lamps from thrift stores. i have several boxes FULL in my garage...
however, i am always on the lookout for unique and quirky accessories to adorn my bookcases.

have you found any treasures at theft stores lately?
do tell....


  1. My hands down favorite is the apple - love it! Makes me want to hit some thrift stores today :)

  2. What fantastic finds! I'm somewhat "addicted" to thrifting as well, but my hubbie hasn't quite banned me yet! I have several posts on my thrifted treasures, but thought this one about giving an old frame a "new life" would help you with those boxes of frames you have. I "remade" this one for the powder bath in one of my client's homes. Enjoy!