Oct 11, 2012

my first nude

i spend a LOT of time on the computer. 
like, uh-LOT.
sometimes, when i need a break from what i am doing (whether i am gathering ideas for a client pinterest board, returning emails, researching a product, or writing a post...), 
i like to *shop. (shhh....)
i love to visit places like one kings lane, the foundary, joss + main, and of course ebay. 
my favorite things to look for are small or moderately priced accessories for my home. 

i have always loved the classic look of a nude sketch. 
of course, i don't really want to see ALL the bits and pieces...i just think a *hint or suggestion of nudity is all that is needed. i was looking on ebay a few weeks ago (see previous post on devastating ebay losses), and i spotted the PERFECT nude...

1. classy--not too much "lady stuff" showing
2. inexpensive--it was taken from a book, and set me back about $15, (the overall dimensions are 8x10)
3. done in a loose, sketchy way that i think is beautiful.
4. the lady has a little "padding". after all....i don't want to damage my self esteem TOO much by having a skinny, perfect nude lady hanging on my wall!)

i still need to frame my lovely lady, and i won't do that until we are finished building our house, but i imagine that she will hang somewhere in my new master bathroom.

hanging a nude can be a great way to add a collected feel to any art wall.
here are some beautiful inspiration rooms featuring nudes:

traditional home

thomas obrien

 donna dufresne

what do you think of nudes?
would you put one in your home?
do you already have one in your home?


  1. Yes! I love nudes. The human form really is beautiful and I think a tasteful nude can send good messages about body image, that bodies in art/media don't always have to be sexualized, etc.

    1. totally great point. i agree. the body really is a work of art, and i think that we tend to lump pornography and the celebration of the human form into one category. they are NOT the same...

  2. Totally love the look and I really think you need more than one!!! M.

    1. i think you are RIGHT! she will be all alone in her nakedness. she needs a friend!

  3. I love a "classic" nude drawing, like you, but I am still looking for the perfect drawing for my home. Love the one you found, she is perfect!

  4. The art of nude photography might sound easy, but there is a lot of skill involved in this art.