Oct 22, 2012

breaking ground

this weekend was an exiting one!
we broke ground for the house on friday evening. we cut into the side of the mountain, hauled off dozens and dozens of truckloads of dirt, dug the hole for the basement and prepped the area for the footings.

here are some pictures of the progress!
 friday evening---the digging starts.

 saturday--a lot of progress already. this is after 60 truckloads of first have been taken off the property.

the basement getting dug out and prepped.

oh, and we also accidentally obliterated the neighbors mailbox....


  1. Yay for progress!!!

    Those fall colors are beautiful! And right in your backyard too! FUN!

    Were you serious about the neighbors mailbox? ouch!

    1. unfortunetly for our neighbors, yes!
      the mailbox was actually a few inches on our property line, and my husband was going to help the neighbor rebuild a new one further on his property, but this just sped things up a bit!

  2. I can't believe the size of those boulders!

    1. ha! ha! i can't get used to it either! people in utah use boulders a LOT as retaining walls. it was so odd to me when we first moved here....i was like "why does everybody have those huge rocks in their yards?".
      we are going to forgo the huge boulders and build our retaining walls out of smaller stones that will be cemented together.