Oct 19, 2012

exterior elevations of our new house

here they are! 
the elevations of our new house! 
i am SO, so happy with the way the house will look...classic, clean and with just the right amount of detail. todd jenkins, of frank betz did a wonderful job, and we are THRILLED.

front elevation:

 left elevation:

 back elevation:
right elevation:
 roof plan:
we kept the roof lines very simple, to save money with the framing and roofing...as you can see from the roof sketch and the side elevations, what looks like a front "porch"is really just some pilasters ("half" columns applied to a wall) the setbacks were QUITE a challenge to work around....

i thought y'all would enjoy seeing the original elevation sketch that todd sent to us:

we liked it a lot, but wanted something a little bit "more nantuckety and less lodgey". that is exactly what we said to todd. when i opened the email that contained the new front elevation sketch, i was giddy!

we already have one change---we are going to eliminate the chimney stack. it will cost a fortune and my husband thought it would help prevent ice and snow damming---because we get a TON of snow up there.
what do you think??
do we have a winner?


  1. I love it!! I hope it is done by next summer. We are hoping to come out for the 4th of July and if you are in town I would love to see it. Nick and I agree that if we are crazy enough to build a 3rd time we are flying you to AZ! Have a good weekend.

  2. I LOVE this Autumn! Congratulations!