Oct 3, 2012

what's making me smile lately...

**first, and foremost, it is getting to drive past this nearly everyday, and dreaming about my NEW HOUSE: 

i promise i will share our floor plans as soon as i can---i just need to wait until all of the permits are signed!)

**finding great, quirky piece like this to add to my affordable find board! 
(love, love this bench!)

i have loved following erica powell and her bunny stories, and seeing pretty "peeks" from other designers.  i am in love with that faux bois wallpaper and the touches of orange in this picture!
(feel free to follow me! my profile is "autumnclemons")

 **seeing this little dude tear it up on the lacrosse field.
he has scored 9 goals in the last 2 games!

as ALWAYS, beautiful details..
(i could not hunt down the source for this image, so if you know where it is from, please let me know!)

**seeing someone ZOOM by me when i am driving on the freeway...why does this make me smile, you ask? well...because if there is a police officer up ahead, then i know that the speed demon is going to get the ticket and NOT me! whooo-hoo!

**this lamp at ikea. i saw in person  last week, and really liked it:
it would look great in a boys room.

**finding an endless supply of funny quotes on pinterest. 
i particularly loved this one:

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  1. HA! This is why I love coming here. You are making me smile. What a soccer star you have!!!