Oct 29, 2012

construction progress-our new house

things are moving along on the new house!
we broke ground about 2 weeks ago, and will be starting framing today!
(SO exciting!)

here is a look at the last week:

 the lot is dug out and prepped for footings.

 the footings go in, despite two days of rain, and an early snow.

 the finished footings.

 the foundation wall forms arrive.

 the foundation walls start to go up.

 the forms are laid in place, and then filled with concrete.

 the forms are removed.

the foundation walls are complete!
it is so exciting to drive up and SEE something sticking out of the ground!
the windows that you see are in the basement, and when the lot gets backfilled, they will get window wells, and will be mostly underground.

if you want (almost) daily updates of our progress, follow me on instagram (autumnclemons)


  1. amazing! So quick! A house just went up on our block and I was AMAZED how fast it all happened.

  2. Ho exciting! Lucky you to decorate your future house from scratch! Can't wait to see the progress. Best of luck.

  3. How exciting! Yea for you! Congrats!



  4. Leave some partial exposure on those basement windows. One of my BIGGEST basement regrets. I hate the dungeon feeling of a basement. Having natural daylight makes it feel like another livable level.