Oct 21, 2014

before + after: e-design bathroom (the power of an hour)

this bathroom:


its a beauty, huh?
actually, the original green tiles are pretty cool, but when mixed with the oak over -the- toilet- cabinet, the plain jane vanity, and the pink tub, it's all just a bit depressing.

this couple hired me to help them make some decisions for an upcoming remodel. (a previous client referred them to me!) they live in a townhouse in a large city, and have two small children. this bathroom is not only the bathroom that their kids use daily, but also functions as the main floor bathroom.

here is the design plan i came up with, after we talked on the phone:

what we discussed during our hour phone call to go over the pinterest board i created for them:

1. replacing the vinyl flooring with dark tile.

2. replacing the tub and tile around the tub with new 4 x 4 tiles, in an offset pattern, and taking the tiles all the way to the ceiling. (they were currently down about 10" from the ceiling)

3. removing the oak cabinet, and installing open shelving.

4. new lighting, toilet, faucet and mirror.

5. replacing the boring vanity with a wood one with some open shelving. adding decorative baskets for some pretty and functional storage.

6. adding bead board to the walls. (great when you have kids and/or a high traffic area!)

7. painting the walls a dark charcoal color for some drama.


as you can see, a few small elements in the room were changed due to time and  budget constraints, but otherwise, the room is a pretty close match to our design plan!

my clients sent me updates as this project unfolded, and i was really excited to finally receive pictures of the finished room!

the bathroom went from dreary, dated, and dingy, to fresh, bright, and classic!

want to work together to make a space in your home more functional and fresh?
email me at autumnclemons@yahoo.com and lets get started!

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  1. I think you mean 'the power of an hour' not the powder ;)

    1. ah. YES, indeed i DID! thank you! i just corrected the mishap. :)

  2. WOW…nice work. Please tell me it took longer than an hour to come up with that beautiful board? Or was that just the phone call?

    1. thanks mary ann! and yes, it DOES take more than an hour to come up with ideas and a "pitch" to my e-design clients. i spend around 2-3 hours pinning ideas for each client before we talk. the call is an hour, and it usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes--1 hour to put everything together on the design board. SO, the pinterest board is kinda a great deal for my clients!! (and a great deal for me too---i get to work form home, make my own schedule, and i have very little overhead, and none of the normal headaches that can come with interior design--broken lamp? late shipment? the painter can't get to a job for 2 months??)

  3. What a pretty makeover! The bathroom looks gorgeous - especially the wood floor-esque tiles!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  4. Looks terrific! Would you be willing to share the source for the vanity?