Oct 22, 2014

ORC, week 4: teen bedroom updates

todays post is going to be super brief.
heres what has been happening in charlottes room:

 got a bunch of boxes in the mail.

put this together. (and also a lack table.)

finally took these out of their boxes. (had them for months!)

got these back.

made this bulletin board. (tutorial coming.)

installed these.

got this back in record time!

more progress shots:

see you next week! 
this next week is gonna be a big one!

up next:
the bookcase is getting made. should be installed on saturday
painting the chair
making the headboard
painting the dresser
putting up the canopy 
putting the desk together

see more here:


  1. I love when big things like that happen....the curtains and cushions are gorgeous....You are making good progress:)

  2. Looking good. I'm so excited to see this room.

  3. Love the choices you've made....can't wait to see it!

  4. Love all the details! The fabric is so pretty. Good luck!

  5. You had so much good stuff arrive this week- love it all and can't wait to see it come together in the room:)

  6. The only thing more exciting than receiving a bunch of goodies is getting them installed. This is shaping up to be a gorgeous room! Love all the details.

  7. All of your selections are so on point! I am just melting over those drapes. I'm a puddle on the floor. And that yellow fabric on the bed? What a lucky girl! This will be gorgeous.

  8. You have done tons. The pillows look amazing.

  9. Amber, LOVE your gorgeous fabrics, what a fun week!! Can't wait for this, your rooms are always amazing!

  10. This is going to look fabulous. Love the fabric on the chair cushion and the bolsters.

  11. This is amazing!! I am dying over so much of this. I can't wait to see this done. Love everything.

  12. I love week 4...b/c of all the pretty deliveries that start happening! I hate week 4...b/c I realize I have so much left to do and so little time!!! BTW, love those drapes!!! Good luck this week!