Oct 9, 2014

ORC week 2: painting + picking + purchasing

week 2 of the one room challenge was a productive one!

our linen samples for the canopy came:

both charlotte and i loved the lighter peach (the one on top)
we thought it was soft and feminine and would pair perfectly with this vintage scalamadre trim that i bought on ebay for just over $1 a yard!

we ran into a snag when i went to order the fabric---it was DISCOUNTINUED. and they didn't  have any left! ugh. super frustrating. i mean, i literally just got these samples sent to me...and in the space of just a few days, they don't have ANY left?
anyway....onto plan B.
the darker peach.

 my velvet fabric came:
(purchased from this etsy seller)
 i think it will provide some great color and texture in the room, without bringing in too much pattern.  i am super excited about it!

the velvet will be going on the seat of this chair, with some white contrast welting.

for the welting, i wanted something really durable. charlotte loves to sit at her desk, and i wanted a fabric that would hold up as well as the velvet. i found the perfect white faux leather at joanns.

the large bolsters, which i bought at ikea about 5 years ago will also be covered with the gold velvet, with the contrast welt.

i just dropped everything off at the upholsters, and can't wait to see everything all finished!

SO, as i said, a lot of stuff in the room will be from ikea...the bed, and both nightstands for sure, and possibly the desk. i am still figuring out a few details on the desk, and i am getting excited.

my car after it was all loaded up!

we chose the  paint color. it was a VERY close decision between revere pewter and grant beige. charlotte preferred the more grey feel of revere pewter, and since this is her room, i let her have the final say. (good thing she has great taste and can take some strong hints!)

the samples we tested: TOP: revere pewter, grant beige, bleeker beige (all benjamin moore)
BOTTOM: frappe, linen, colonial woodlawn gray (all valsapr)

i started painting yesterday, and i am really happy with the way everything looks so far!

we still have a lot to do! i think the next 5 days of my life will be spent putting ikea furniture together! i have some hacks planned so that the pieces won't SCREAM "ikea"! i hope everything turns out the way i have dreamed it in my head.


  1. I can't wait to see it all. I love your style. :) And I really love that velvet fabric.

  2. I love the fabrics and the paint!! Excited to see next week's episode :)

  3. What pretty fabrics! I'm going with Revere Pewter in my son's teen room as well...except you are further along then me. :)

  4. The paint color looks great and I love it with the black doors. Love the fabrics you're using too.

  5. Such a bummer about the fabric...but I think the second choice will be pretty! I just painted a clients room revere pewter.

  6. Oh man that fabric combo with the peach and velvet is going to be SO good. And I love love RP. Adore everything you're doing here!

  7. I love that gray paired with peach and a little bit of yellow. Nice color combo you don't see everyday!

  8. Love the combination of texture, color and form. So good. That velvet is yummy!

  9. I live locally near you and I am in need of a good upholsterer. Any recommendations?

    Thanks a ton!

    1. i love markells, in bountiful. it is run by a husband wife team, and they do great work!

  10. This is going to be such an incredible room. The trim for $1 a yard? That velvet? Lord have mercy.

  11. Hi Autumn, I'm new here and am enjoying your spot, especially the ORC. The color scheme is yummy and your ideas are so appealing without being cutesy.
    This has no bearing on anything but I have to ask a question: is the houndstooth fabric on the chair uneven (know it's being replaced .... I have those eyes that go right to anything not straight, you know - if a picture on the wall is crooked, I must fix !
    Good luck and I am pleasantly anticipating the result!