Oct 29, 2014

ORC, week 5: charlottes teen bedroom-only a few projects to go!

i will be honest. at the end of last week, i wasn't sure how many things on my TO DO list were actually gonna get DONE.
the good news is....
a lot has happened! (a LOT of painting, at least)
(even though the room has been a disaster for the last couple of weeks, i feel like humpty dumpty is finally getting put back together again.)

the biggest thing....the custom swinging bookcase was fabricated and installed.

it is "hidden" from the front....but when you remove a small dowel from the top shelf, it swings open to reveal a "secret" room. (sorry...i know these pictures are terrible!)

the bookcase was installed "raw", and was primed and painted. (and i was reminded of how much i detest priming and painting bookcases. UGH! i would way rather paint 4 rooms than a single bookcase! i am glad it is over.)

i painted the dresser. (still need to paint the stripes)

installed the new hardware. (the pulls just barely arrive yesterday!)

i sanded and painted the vintage char, and reattached the cushion.

i also nstalled some hardware on the ikea malm nightstand. i was considering adding some legs, but it was going to be too much of a project, and i decided my energy would be better used elsewhere.

i did some touch up and rub and buff on a thrift store mirror that i picked up a while back for $17!

the mirror and the bulletin board were hung.

i also settled on the DESK. it is from target, (i painted the drawers) and is a great size and i love that it has a couple of drawers.

i ordered some metal hairpin legs from etsy, and when they arrive, i will swap them out for the x frame base.

a look at the entire room:

still to do:
make and install the frame/support for the canopy
install canopy and back curtain
install the sconces
hang art
swap out desk legs

yeeeee-haw! its going to be a busy weekend, but i will see you back here next week with the official AFTER!


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I love the desk and look forward to seeing the legs changed out - I am sure the after is going to be amazing!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  2. Everything is looking fabulous, Autumn!! I love it all. You are working so hard, I can't wait for next week :)

  3. Its looking great! I can't wait for the big reveal!!!