Oct 16, 2014

ORC week 3. hardware + software

(this is week 3 of the one room challenge, hosted by linda at calling it home! this is the second time i have linked up, and i am grateful to have a deadline again!)

well, it may not look like much has happened, but things are getting done. promise.

the room is painted, the bed is put together, and pretty much everything that needs to get purchased has been bought.

so---hardware and software...?

the hardware in the room is literally the hardware, but also all of those items that are wood and, well...hard. the bed, nightstands, desk, bookcase and dresser.

software are the items that are soft.
pillows, bedding, the seat cushion, and the canopy.

the daybed:
good news, the ikea brimnes daybed is put together. my two daughters and i did it ourselves, which is pretty much a miracle.

i am going to replace the existing boring wood hardware. you can see in the pictures that i was testing out one of the vintage crystal knobs...i didn't like the way they looked.
the distance between the holes is an odd measurement...something like 6 1/4". i am sure this is some nice, round normal number in millimeters, but in the metric system it equals "good luck trying to find hardware with this measurement".
i am sure that somewhere in sweden, someone is laughing.

my best (and possibly only?) option was to go with some adjustable hardware. there aren't too many options available in that genre, but i managed to find some i liked.
i opted to order these:

the dresser:
of course updating the dresser is going to involve some paint. but replacing the hardware is also going to help transform it!

i have a *small (ahem. ok, maybe its not all that small.) stash of hardware. i checked out what options i had on hand to see if any knobs would work with the dresser.
here are three that i tried:

charlotte liked this one the best. it was a clearance purchase from anthropologie a few years ago, and i am super happy that i am finally getting to use them!

i wanted something simple to pair the more ornate knobs with, so i decided on these:

that is, until they arrived in the mail, and i removed the old hardware and realized that there are TWO sets of holes....one set at 3", and another at 3.5".  why??!

NICE. *ugh.
keeping these knobs would require some serious filling and patching and sanding, and with all of the other projects i have to complete, i just decided my time would be better spent elsewhere.
so, i ordered these, which have a 3.5" center to center measurement, and should cover up the 3" holes as well:

the desk:

oh boy.
i have been around and around in my head about the desk. i wanted something that was small, and had some storage. ideally, i would want something that has this vibe:

at first i was going to have something made, but i need to be careful with my time and money, so what i think i am going to do is order this console table:

the proportions are perfect for what i want, and it is cheap!

and possibly replace the legs with these?

still pondering this....

these pillows have been ordered for the bed:

 i am having 3 pillows similar to these made, but with a peach colored grosgrain that coordinates with the linen that i will be using on the canopy.

the canopy:
i am using this picture for inspiration for the canopy:

my canopy with have box pleating at the top, and the side panels will be a little more full.

i drew up a sketch and dropped off the trim and the peach linen to the fabricators yesterday.

hopefully next week, i will have at least one of my projects completed so that i can share.
i swear, the time goes so quickly during this challenge! how is it already week 3?

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  1. Ha Ha....what designer doesn't have a stash of hardware:) Love all of your plans...Good for you putting that Ikea bed together cause I just get so irritated when I have to work with those instructions!

    1. yah, those instructions are the worst. i kept "loudly and excitedly" showing my girls the picture of the RIGHT screw for each step...i was like "NO! ITS not THIS screw or THAT screw, its THIS ONE, which is a fraction of a centimeter longer than THAT ONE, which is NOT the right one!!" :)

  2. Great pillows choices. Excited to see the bed canopy - my daughter is dying for one and that is the next project tee'd up once I get this ORC behind me.

  3. Love your pillow choices and can't wait to see that canopy!

  4. I wish you lived closer because I saw a desk today that would be PERFECT for your space! French moderne - kind of feminine without being frilly. I always love your spaces so I'm anxious to see this one come together!

    1. oh boo! i wish i could find an insanely great vintage desk. that one your described sounds perfect indeed!

  5. We should get girl scout badges for putting together ikea furniture. You are kicking ass. Keep it up.

    1. ha! we need a girl scout badge, a manicure AND a massage after our ikea adventures i have put together ikea stuff before, but never a BED. WHEW!

  6. gorgeous plan. and the new wall color looks so warm and inviting!

  7. Love all of this...Those pillows and the canopy are going to be amazing! I did i similar canopy for my daughter's room last ORC! Also love your ideas for a desk. Good luck this week!

  8. Well done with your progress & building the bed!! I'm sure all of that extra hardware will come in handy somewhere down the road! Excited to see the finished room!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  9. Where did you find adjustable hardware? I have been looking forever for my kitchen!

    1. i bought mine here:


  10. Love all the pillow choices, Autumn! Also, that canopy is going to be an amazing addition to the room! Can't wait to see the rest and good luck! :)

  11. I'm n the middle of the same hardware frustration, so I can sympathize. Love your pillow scheme and I'm so excited for the canopy!

  12. soooo appreciative of the comment about how far apart the screw holes are. I just bought a Brimnes cabinet and my BF put it together. I was thinking about changing the hardware. I'll be very careful in choosing other pulls. I wonder if the ones at IKEA work.