Oct 31, 2014

book review: decorating for real life by wendy hyde

ok. a little disclaimer. my home is featured in this book, so it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to not love this book!

now....that being said, i am somewhat of a design book junkie. i have loads of design books, and like most of them for different reasons. some books are all about fantasy. you know the books i'm talking about. they feature homes and rooms that cost more than most of us will make in a lifetime. those books are fun to drool over, but it is rare that you can put down a book like that and be able to apply specific details and design elements into your own home. 
this book is different!

decorating for real life is all about  homes that are lived in by REAL FAMILIES. with real budgets. talk about refreshing! what a welcome addition to my design book library!

i not only loved the variety of homes that were featured, but also the inventive layout, and the warmth and clarity of the writing. the introduction has some informative content and basic decorating advice including finding your decor style, space and color planning, and adding details to make your rooms personal.

each home that is featured has its own "chapter" with a title that lets the reader know a bit about the home. some titles are "bright and beachy", "clean and contemporary", "simple and serene" and "fresh and fabulous".

(TA-daaa!! that is actually the title of MY chapter, which features my girls bathroom, as well as grady's bathroom. there are even some details captured in the book that aren't on my blog!)

a special thank you to wendy for featuring my home in her book. she is as real and genuine as they come. if you read her blog (the shabby nest), or have met her in person, you know that she radiates warmth and kindness,  has a quick wit, and is incredibly intelligent. 
i stumbled into her by accident a couple of years ago, and had no idea who she was (or how incredibly popular her blog was! if i had known, i probably would have been so intimidated that i would hid under a rock and not talked to her!)....we bonded over confessing our love for insanely expensive fabrics and furniture -that - makes- you -go -weak -at - the- knees. it was "love at first sight",  design blogger style. 
i am glad i know her. 
(and NOT just cuz she wrote this book.)

i hope you liked the sneak peek inside the book!
you can order your copy here.

have a lovely weekend!


  1. Holy cow Autumn! This was about the sweetest thing ever! I'm so grateful we are friends! xoxo