Oct 11, 2014

design plan: kids/hall bathroom

oh yes.
it really is possible to use e-design when remodeling a bathroom. and MUCH less expensive than making mistakes on grout and tile and faucets and light fixtures and paint colors and plumbing locations....

these clients live in a big city, and have a bathroom that doubles as both a guest bath and a bathroom for their two children. they were at the beginning of a remodel, and a friend of theirs that had worked with me in the past, suggested that they might want a quick consultation to get some ideas.

they opted for the pinterest board + phone consultation and added on a design board.
here is the look that we settled on:

it has been a couple of months since this consultation, and the work on the bathroom is done!
i have some before and after pictures to share SOON!

interested in working together to make an ugly bathroom in your home more functional and beautiful? scared to death that you will pick the wrong tile, or make a mistake on your lighting?
have another room that needs to be updated or refreshed?
email me and lets work together!



  1. This is such a charming scheme for a kids bath! Love the striped curtains especially!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes