Jan 1, 2010


happy new year!

i can't believe a decade of the new millenium is over.
how did it go by so quickly, and where have i been?!
oh, that's right...changing diapers. 
and doing laundry.
and moving 7 times.
do you make new years resolutions?
i try to pretend like i don't, but i really do.
i figure if i don't actually write them down
then they are not "real", 
and then, if i don't keep them, 
it doesn't really "count".
so i guess i make "faux" resolutions.
(i probably need a lot of therapy, huh?)
in any case, i've tried to keep my
"faux" resolution simple this year.
buy a house and make it a 
place i love to be.
we have been in a rental house for the last 
16 months, 18 days.
not like i'm keeping track or anything. 
*ahem. *cough, *cough.
you know those families you keep
hearing about on the news that lost 
everything when the economy tanked?
my family is one of those.
the economy has been especially unkind to those in the
residential construction business, which we were.
so, when things got bad, 
we shut down our once profitable company 
and moved across the country for a job.
 we've been in a rental house ever since.
we considered buying a house when we first moved, but my husband insisted that it would be wise to wait, because the real estate market was  going to continue to decline. i am so glad we waited, because he was right. 
so, in 2010, we are going 
to find house #6.

want  to join me as we hunt for that
diamond in the rough?
i'll post pictures of houses as we look...
we will probably start in late january.

it's going to be a long and frustrating road, i am sure.
long wish list + small budget 
is like a guaranteed 
recipe for frustration,
 but i'm excited nevertheless!
i hope you'll join us.


  1. best wishes to finding your diamond! can't wait to see what pics you have in store for the coming year. you always have the best. take care & many blessings to you & your family for the NEW YEAR of new beginnings.

  2. You have me beat, I only moved 4 times in the past decade. I wish you and your family all the best in the new decade and will be watching as you hunt for your new home! Looking at the spaces you've designed I see that whatever you find, in whatever state you find it, it will be transformed into something stunning!


  3. house hunting can be so hard. i looked for over a year tring to find the perfect fit. i finally found it and it was worth the wait!

  4. good luck and happy new year! i'm so pleased to have come across your lovely blog and have added you to my links over at urban flea, hope you can swing by sometime!

    xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

  5. We spent all last year searching for the perfect house. It took a lot of tears and frustration but we finally realized that we didn't need our dream house at this stage of life. We bought a town home that we love and it has been perfect! Good luck.

  6. It may not be perfect to start but after you are done it will be great! Cheers to the next adventure!

  7. Autumn--I love your blog! Beautiful pictures and ideas. Do you have some favorite sites for ideas for a tween girl? I need to update my 11 year old daughters room and need ideas. Thanks!

  8. sheesh. thanks for all the sweet comments, ladies. i really appreciate the encouragement! i am really excited to go house hunting, and i look forward to hearing all of your opinions.

    i will be posting pictures of my tween daughters room in the coming weeks...there are just a few little details that i need to adjust first. but in the meantime, a great source of inspiration is hgtv's "rate my space" page.
    my daughters "original" room is actually uploaded there...let me know if you can spot it!
    happy new years everyone!

  9. autum!!!
    i just saw that you were on the "Watch" list of design to inspire blog list for 2010! HOW EXCITING!

  10. I look forward to following your search for the perfect house and to see how you renovate it.
    Your blog is soooo inspiring! I wish you lived closer to me, as I would hire you in an instant!

  11. Congrats on looking for house #6! I think now is the time, I wish I was workign and we could look for a new house, we are growing out of ours now. You will make anything gorgeous! Can't wait! Are you on the West Coast now?

  12. How lucky you are to be able to start over, and in such a great market (as a buyer). There is nothing better than looking at homes, and imagining your life in each one, until you come across the one that you know is for you. The best of luck to you as you search for your new home--can't wait to see how you make it a home!