May 10, 2010

before: the pink + navy nursery

so, clearly i need to get better 
"before" pictures.
as much as i LOVE my iphone, it takes cruddy pictures.
(i have the "original" iphone. the 3G takes much better pictures,
but until my husband to upgrades to the 4G, and i get his 
"old" 3G, i'll made do)
weird orange painted square on the wall.
don't ask...
cuz i have no idea.

the existing crib

this nook was used as a desk area before, 
but we had other plans for it. 
and yes, those plan include a new light fixture!
this pink  gingham chair was staying
and so my color scheme had to include pink...
a lousy picture. but the great things about this
space are: two large windows, a ton of closet space, and
the room is a very generous size.

my client...who may just be the 
cutest pregnant lady ever.
oh yeah, she's also excruciatingly cute NOT pregnant.
the existing changing table.

stay tuned.

reveal pictures are  coming shortly.
as in the next HOUR or two.

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