May 18, 2010

built-ins-reading nooks

wouldn't you love to curl
up with a book in one of these
cozy spots?


  1. yes! all i need now is a nook of my own and TIME to read!

  2. would love a little nook in our home. they always look so peaceful to me. i think reality now, in our home it would be a place to store lost sippy cups & toys. ;)

  3. I would LOVE a spot like any one of those! Especially like the one in pic#2 :0)

  4. Love these reading nooks. They all look so inviting.

  5. my childhood bedroom had a little nook that my dad built a counter top into to make a desk - but I always dreamed of turning it into a window seat (and I still think he should do that)

  6. That second image from the top is exactly the same thing that I showed my contractor before he built my master bedroom closets and window seat. With the exception of the drawers, he followed that picture very closely. That was 5 years ago and I love the classic look of it but I still haven't managed to have a nice cushion made for the seat so I just throw some plump pillows on it when I want to sit and read.

    @ this blessed mess, I hear ya! Mine has a huge stack of laundry on it right now!