May 5, 2010


design is all around us,
and if we look, we can 
be inspired at
every turn.
take a look at the edge detail on this
mirror. isn't it lovely?
the whole mirror was very interesting...
and found in the bathroom of mcdonalds!
thanks for stepping up your game, mcdonalds!

i loved the copper color of this
glass tile, found in the bathroom of a movie theater.
(no, i don't take a picture of every public bathroom
i use...just the ones with interesting details!)

i have the BIG version of this table at home,
but this small version was adorable, 
and only $69.

did you know that hobby lobby has a
huge assortment of anthropologie-like knobs?!
and most every one is under $6.

sorry for the blurry pictures...
at least i made sure to get the ones
in the shelves in focus...
i found the detail on this apron irresistible!
i thought it would look fabulous on a pillow,
or on the edge of some drapes.
and i loved this wooden "stump",
used as a stool in the dressing
room of anthropologie. wouldn't
something like this be great in a walk -in
closet, or right beside a bathtub?
so, there you have it.
always keep you eyes open for
interesting details, good  finds, and
great ideas. you never know when you
can use that inspiration to 
make something purty.


  1. i can't believe that mirror is mickey d's, what! also, great tip on the knobs at hobby lobby. anthropologie can be a bit pricey.