May 26, 2010

design*crush: mary mcdonald

until a week ago, i didn't realize i had a crush on mary mcdonald...
but one of her rooms caught my eye, and so i googled her.
oh my.
 i realized that i recognized dozens of her spaces
because i have them stored in my design files!
serendipity at it's finest.
this woman has phenomenal taste.
she is a true master of color,
and i LOVE the 
layers and textures 
and details she uses
to create 
and refined rooms.

 new favorite designer!
images found at mary mcdonald, verandapatricia gray 
did you have a favorite room,
or something that really caught YOUR eye?
i'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Wow! Great rooms. All of them look so inviting.

  2. That black and white striped sitting room was so Mrs. Robinson I could hardly stand it. I'm a glutton for black and white stripes!

    Also, the white bathroom with the fireplace has just enough rustic elements to give it edge and warmth.

    But, really, there wasn't a single image I didn't love. Ms. McDonald is a winner. Thanks for sharing!

  3. beth,
    i totally agree! this is one talented lady. i am really drawn to all of the details in each of her room. you can literally spend 5 minutes just staring at one picture, slowly taking in all of the details!
    i love those black and white stripes too!
    so classic and chic.

  4. I'll fight you for her ! ;) She is great.

  5. Oh yes. Everything she touches turns to gold. I'm told she has a book coming out, so stay tuned. :o)

  6. Amazing work, so rich and sophisticated!

  7. I'm speechless... there's so much to love about her work.

  8. Your crush is quite understandable. Beautiful rooms!

  9. Hi Autumn! I am new. :) I LOVE these! The last one seems so soothing and serene that I like that one best at the moment, but I am also a sucker for black and white. I love a lot of contrast. Thanks for your beautiful blog! Steph.

  10. Yes I'm quite fond of Mary too. She knows how to work those colors when she wants to.

  11. Her flooring choices really stand out to me! Wow, she's good!

  12. I have died and gone to heaven. For so long I thought that Candice Olsen could not be topped for me but this woman is my idol as well! Can I just say that you are kind of my idol as well. I love how you incorporate the white and black with the clean lines and whimsy all at once. OMG I SO SO SO need your help trying to figure out how to finish up my bedroom and my nursery for baby on the way in January! Are you a fan of Z Gallerie? I am so in love. I saw a blue tufted bed a few posts back that you had pictured and I have the cream sleigh tufted bed from Z and its by far one of my favorite pieces! Ah I am SO GLAD I found your blog!!!

  13. sara,
    oh my gosh. i'm not sure i have exhaled since you mentioned me, candice olsen and mary mcdonald in the same paragraph!!
    thanks for the vote of confidence, my dear! and yes, i am a big fan of z gallerie.
    any YAY for a new baby on the way. you are really planning ahead. just my style. i am taking on new clients as we speak...and, since i am really still getting my feet wet, my prices are really affordable. contact me if you want to work together!