May 14, 2010

l'hotel recamier

apartment therapy recently did a post on l'hotel recamier, in paris,
singing the praises of it's newly renovated rooms, all 
outfitted with bed canopies. 
i had to take a look...
i love the simple canopies,
and the mirrors placed on top of the fabric.
really pretty layering of textures and pattern...
there were so many beautiful details in this hotel!
like this door hardware...
beautiful checkerboard floors!
the whole space has a very
warm, modern and very classic feel to it.
yummy pillows,
and that carpet is perfect.
hello mirror.
have we met? 
cuz i think i love you...
gorgeous, gorgeous.
yep...when i go to paris,
this is definitely where i will stay.
of course, the the time i get to paris,
this hotel will probably be needing 
another renovation...


  1. Wow, that looks like a gorgeous, designer home! I can't believe that's a hotel!?! As always, I love the pretty pictures you post:)

  2. I will probably get to Paris about the same time as you, LOL, but i would certainly love to stay there. that leopard print carpet certainly is puurrrrfect!!!!

  3. trish,
    that leopard carpet IS puuuuurfect! i wish i would have thought of that when i was writing this post! too funny!
    see you in paris in 2056.

  4. Oh so you aren't going to Paris is this decade either, huh...

    This hotel looks gorgeous.

    You betcha your boots but if I ever make it over to Europe I will be high tailing it over to the JK Capri, another favorite hotel for decor.

    Hope you are having a great weekend:-)

  5. Gorgeous down to every little detail! Too bad my eyesight will be shot by the time I get there :)