May 7, 2010

tween hangout progress...

thanks for the votes!
we ended up using gossamer blue.
here you can see a peek of the brighter, 
peacock blue we are using in the study nook.
after weeks of searching, my client finally
found a sectional that is just right---
not too big,  not to small, not too brown, not too stodgy.
i am sure she felt a little like goldilocks...
here's a look a the half bath vanity
with the new anthropologie knobs.
and some paint and tile samples for a full bath
that we are also working on.
and a peek at the paint detail that i 
did for the girls half bath...


  1. It looks amazing so far!!! DYING to see the final product!

  2. WOW love that paint detail for the half bath. Did they do it! I wanna see.....