May 13, 2010

moravian stars

i love moravian stars.

i used an antiqued mirror moravian star

i actually had a fixture 
identical to this one.
i purchased it about 8 years ago 
(when we were living in house #1)  
at storehouse furniture. 
(it has since gone out of business) 
i bought it because i thought it would be the 
perfect light for a 
screened in porch.
well, 6 years, and 4 houses later,
we still did not have a screened in porch.
i finally gave it to a friend when we
moved across the country.
i was pretty happy to find the one above.
who knows, maybe i will get 
my screened in porch 
in house #6!
fixtures found at mermaid hut,
porch image via southern accents.


  1. What a perfect accent to a front porch! I've always dreamed of one, too. Drinking a beer and watching the kids run around in the front yard = )

    Question - do you by chance remember the color of paint in the picture below with the built in? I love it.

  2. jill,
    i will try to locate it for you!
    it may take a day or two...

  3. I have an old one hanging in my garden outside! It's very beat up but has so much character I couldn't throw it out! I love them as well!

  4. I JUST hung one over my dining table. I love it! It's a little different with polished nickel metal and milk glass which makes it a bit more formal. I think it's the perfect combination of funky and traditional and it's 20" diameter. I'll post pictures of it on my blog as soon as the window treatments get installed- hopefully in the next week or so. I'm tired of waiting!

  5. debbie,
    i would LOVE to see some pictures when you install your STAR!