May 4, 2010

southern accents showcase house

welcome to the southern accents 
2002 showcase house
in highlands north carolina....
not only is the house a stunner on the outside,
but the inside is completely fabulous as well.
i really like this porte cochere/breezeway that is
created as the main house connects to the gargage.

yep. this is the garage!
it had an apartmant above it, which sadly
was not part of the tour.
i love the large, rustic 
stones in the entry.
and those columns are gorgeous!

the view from the back of the house...
i know.
hard to look at.
i *love copper gutters!

the interior designer was phillips sides
who is based out of montgomery alabama 
although this house was designed over 7 years ago, 
i think you will agree with me that phillip sides
did a remarlable job of creating a timeless interior!

i felt a little sneaky taking pictures, 
so some of them aren't the best...
this is a shot standing in the great room, looking towards the
front entry.
oooo...a portiere disguising the wet bar!
me likey.
the kitchen.
wish i had more pictures...
i really liked how this rough, rustic beam was used 
as a mantle.
the laundry room.
the soft blue color is really soothing.


arent these doors fabulous!?
i was really intrigued by the duplicate
mirrors, stacked on one another...

the powder room off the foyer featured
wallaper, cut in strips, and applied
love the way the pictures are hung!
the downstairs family room.

notice the sisal rugs?
this room has such a soothing color palette.
a guest bath.
the master bath.
love the mix of the creamy yeallow tile and
emperador dark marble.

another gorgeous bath with
stunning tile.
the mix of the blue and the creamy
tones of the stone are beautiful.
this was the half bath near the
laundry the "crown molding"
made of tile.

the upstairs game room.
this was one of the first times i had ever
seen a drum shade chandelier.
love this treatment over the bed...
and isn't the lighting interesting?

one of the outdoor spaces.
the definition of rugged beauty!
check out that handrail!
the entire house, and the setting were spectacular.
the last i heard, this house was for sale
for 3.4 million.
just could be yours!
i have been unable to locate any additional
pictures of this showcase house,
but if i ever do, i will be sure to post them.


  1. Wow! The view is gorgeous! I love all the rustic details on the exterior, from the copper pipes to the wooden handrail. Love it.

  2. I'm always drawn to homes with great architecture. This is fab.

  3. The Mantle is amazing!! Thanks for Inspiring!!
    Best, Connie

  4. I am dying over this house. I heart your blog and am inspired by your love for design. Thank you!

  5. All I have to see is YUMMY! Gorgeous house. You wouldn't happen to have an idea of a similar color of paint for the washroom cabinets? I'd love to use that in kitchen! Love, love your blog and finally got around to "following" it today officially, but has been devouring it for quite a while!

  6. mary c,
    aren't those laundry room cabinets beautiful? i love the way they contrast with all the warm tone going on in the main floor of that house.
    i don't know the exact color, but my guess it would be something similar to benjamin moores "bali" (702)