May 19, 2010

built-in beds

when i picture myself as a grandmother,
i envision having a room like this somewhere in my house...
with built-in bunk beds, or handcrafted sleigh beds,  with tons of built-in storage for
 sleep-overs with the grandkids!

this one is beautiful.
(image from tracery interiors)

i've posted this picture before 
(from the coastal living idea house)
but, it is worthy of a re-post!

this room is SO tiny,
but the built-ins really take advantage 
of every square inch.
love the storage under the bed,
as well as the canopy over the bed!
i really liked this murphy bed...
i've seen quite a few murphy beds, but this
one really caught my eye!
it would be a great solution for a 
small studio apartment,

as well as for a guest bedroom that
could be used as a multi-functional space
when guests were not visiting.


  1. Love the built in beds. I love them, especially when a small & otherwise unused space is utilized!

  2. What a great thought, with gorgeous images. Isabella at first said she was going to have 8 kids, now it's zero. Max, he has no opinion on the matter, so we'll see if there are ever grandkids!

  3. Love these ideas!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. absolutely love the first two pics, they are going in my non existent coastal house in the distant future

  5. so what would you guess are the size of the beds in the first picture? Custom maybe? if so, would an upholsterer ererer (hahaha) be the one to do them?

  6. bonnie,
    i have a non-existent coastal house as well! in fact, i spent an entire hour last night daydreaming about it. i was having a hard time deciding whether i wanted it all neutral, or with pops of bold color. clearly, i need professional help!!
    i am pretty sure those are twin beds...even if they do look a little small.
    can you imagine if they ARE custom sized mattresses? that would open a can of worms i would NOT want to deal with! yikes!

  7. Hi autumn,
    if they are twin they would be more of a 'selling point' in a budget because oldsters can use them too!!! also, on a totally unrelated note, where can i find cool chandeliers/pendants etc online? I found some possibilities on AND they are having a 30% off sale which is inticing, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet for fear I may find something better.

  8. angela,

    horchow has some really neat lights. i find myself drooling over their selections frequently. 30% off is pretty enticing!
    here are a few other places to try:

    these places have some really affordable and chic options!
    hope you find something fabulous!

  9. I need to make a note of built in beds...they would really work for our family situation.

    have a great weekend