May 27, 2010

my urns

as soon as we moved into house #1,
i bought a pair of urns for my front porch.
i love the symmetry it creates,
and enjoy the yearly ritual of selecting
the color scheme for the flowers.
i am currently on my third pair of urns.
the first pair broke, and we left the second
pair in tennessee when we moved to utah.
last year, i filled my new urns with 
mini cypress trees, and a mixture of
red and purple flowers mixed with creeping rosemary.
i was hoping to keep the cypress trees alive, 
but they died. i am really diligent
about watering the precious content of
my planters for the first few months,
but once september hits,
i lose all interest and every thing dies.
so, i am currently trying to decide what to do this year...
i usually try to have some type of tree in the
center of the urn. i really love the height it
creates, and it is a great backdrop to the 
colorful flowers.
i love the pink + white in these urns.
this look is bold and bright.
two shades of pink are nice here.

this one is amazing! 
i love the colors.
i like the wild look in this urn...
and the blues and purples are really soothing.
this one is gor------geous!
love the orange.
i could just fill my urns with herbs...
or succulents. 
i love the way this looks!
do you have any "tried and true"
plants that you have used in the past?
if so, let me know---
i need all the help i can get!

images found via: country living,
 southern living, flickr, deborah silver


  1. You are too funny as I am on a search for a great pair myself!!

  2. What beautiful inspiration pics, I to love urns. I have seen them with beautiful buxus shaped into a nice egg style & then grey foliage that hangs down the pot planted around them & it looks amazing.

  3. What about a beautiful, sculptural and evergreen pair of Agave? Very statuesque! Perhaps Agave Weberi or Agave Parryi. Both would be hardy in your area - especially since your winters are not as wet as the ones here in Portland.....and you have a great Agave grower in Salt Lake - Intermountain Cactus.

    I love a gooid pair of urns.......

  4. This really doesn't have to do with your current post....but I just noticed that you live in SLC (I live in West Jordan). Do you by chance have a website of your business?

  5. This caught my eye as I'm filling some major, large pots these days (not urns, but large....). Do you know about "filling" the bottoms? As in, not with dirt that makes them so heavy...but using discarded plastic plant containers? Gather a bunch together, put them in a plastic bag, tie it up, and put in the bottom of the large pot as a filler! it's a great idea...
    Or, use packing peanuts, again, in a plastic bag. I've tried both and it works really well!
    Also, I like to put a small trellis (3 ft?) in the pot/urn and use a vine, surrounded by lower annuals (petunias are a favorite). The vine kind of spills out and all over and softens the look!
    Good luck!

  6. adrianna,
    i don't have a website yet! i am working on it...slowly. ok, really slowly. hopefully i will have my blog and my site up by this fall.

  7. aneyeforsetail,
    thanks so much for the info on filling the pots! right now, i have a plastic pots, turned upside down in the bottom of each pot, but one of them got "clogged" and won't drain. since i am going to have to remove the soil and start over, i am going to use your suggestion and fill up a bag full of packing peanuts.
    love it!

    digs inside & out,
    thanks for the suggestions for plants that will work in my area. i had the "eastern tennessee" plant list totally down, and this move has really thrown me for a loop!

  8. I live in Utah as well. I love planting purple fountain grass for height in the middle. They get huge and full. Then you can't go wrong with potato vines. Then fill in with annuals that you love. I want those orange ones.

  9. I live in Tennessee and I have mint planted in my 2 urns that comes back each year but I also plant Collus in my planters. I love the colors!

  10. I have loved looking at the remodel pics of your Treyburn house and this past week we have been working on transforming our kitchen cabinets from white to black, using the steps you outlined in your post. Do you have any tips for getting a smooth, glossy finish with the polyurethane? We've done a coat and it's a little uneven...

  11. marilee,
    if you lightly sand and then use a cloth to wipe it down.(i like to use a tackcloth, which is cheesecloth with a slight wax coating-available in the paint area of all home improvement stores) if you do this, you should get a nice smooth finish!
    good luck, and hope they turn out great!

  12. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u