Jun 7, 2010

bamboo light fixtures

school got out on friday, and it finally feels like
summer around here! this weekend was so fun,hanging out
with my little family. we took the kids swimming, 
grilled out, and i even managed to sneak in a
long nap. (i fell asleep on our back patio, with my whole body
except my feet (which were crossed at the ankle)in the shade.
i woke up two hours later, very refreshed, but with some 
FUNKY looking sunburns on my feet!)
now that summer is officially here, i am getting
really antsy to find a house! we are still looking 
"under the radar" in our neighborhood. there have
been several houses go up for sale lately, but
they are either out of our price range, or just 
and so, we wait.
which is killing me.
but, i always have my daydreams....
in my "someday" perfect breakfast room,
i would love to have a bamboo light fixture.
i am really loving the look of bamboo light fixtures--
especially in fun, bright colors.
the yellow one in this room is the 
perfect compliment to the 
bright yellow lamps, and all the soft blue.
(coastal living)

image via lonny
the lovely white ones can go anywhere,
but look especially charming in these 
eclectic and tailored spaces.

love the fun burst of color that this red fixture 
adds in this boys room.
elizabeth dinkle, found  via dayka at life +style,

if you are wanting one too, i found
a really cute and affordable option:
available in yellow, white, red, black,
green and coral!

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