Jun 28, 2010

construction office lobby: a peek

so, i have been working on the lobby of a construction firm
for the last little while. i originally suggested a series of 6 or 9
large, framed abstract photos taken on construction sites
for this wall of the lobby. 
when the cost of framing turned out to be way over budget,
a collaborative meeting between myself, the vp of construction, 
and the design/build manager, turned up a much more
interesting and cost effective method.
(one reason why i am a firm believer that collaboration with the
client always turns out a more personal, and unique solution!)
we ultimately decided to mount the photos on three panels of metal screening.
this metallic "screen" is used to separate rocks at the
company's rock pit. the photos will be sandwiched in between
wood and glass, and mounted to the screening with a bolt at each corner.
 we will be using three different gauges
of the screen...the first panel will be the largest, 
and the last will be the smallest, 
with the medium in between.
i stopped in the office on friday, and the screens had been mounted.
i was super excited! 
can you see the difference in the gauges of the screens now?
the vp and design/build manager have done a fabulous job of bringing
our design vision to a reality! check out those bolts that are holding the 
VERY heavy screening to the wall. aren't they incredible?
 as soon as the photos are mounted, 
and the rest of the furniture is received, 
i will share some more pictures with you.


  1. What a great solution! Can't wait to see the finished pictures. How are you going to "sandwich" the photos?

  2. What is so cool about this is not only do the images convey the work of the company, but so do the materials used to display them. Great creativity! Janell

  3. love this! i love that you used actual construction materials to frame the photos--it looks so cohesive. great eye!

  4. Very clever & so appropriate for the space, I love it!!!

  5. That screen is amazing, tons of texture! Looks great.