Jun 23, 2010

folding screens

another decor item i have an affinity for...
the folding screen.
i love folding screens for several reasons.
i love that they can define a space,
and add softness, interest, texture 
to any boring corner.
i really like the look of antiqued mirrors...
and on this folding screen, they are perfection.

i love the shape created with the nailhead trim.

can you imagine this room without the folding screen?
it really is the reason this angled seating arrangement works!
this one is nearly the same color as the walls,
and adds texture and interest to an otherwise boring corner.
i've seen this picture around the internet a million times.
there are so many things to love about this room...
but what really caught my eye (any why i ripped it out
of TH) was that silver-leafed folding screen!
it. is. gorgeous.
the fabric on this one is super fun.
this one is so simple, but really does a great
job of adding interest.
i love the unexpected height of this one!
go martha!

most of these pictures are from my "stash", and i am not 100%
certain where they all came from. i know that a few are from traditional home,
house beautiful and martha stewart living. sorry! i am trying to get better
about listing sources, and whenever i know where a picture is from, i will add a link.


  1. I'm so with you on this one, love the antiqued mirrored screens.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE screens. What a great eye you have sweetie!!