Jun 10, 2010

neighborly love...

one of my neighbors hired me
to help her design some window treatments
for several rooms in her home.
while i was there, i noticed a pair of vintage bamboo
chairs in her basement. i told her if she ever considered
getting rid of them, to call me first!
i pulled into her driveway the other day to drop
something off, and she had both chairs ready for me
to haul off! i was so excited!

they are now happily part of my growing garage "pile".
i have big plans for these babies!
i'm thinking of mixing them with my
existing breakfast room chairs, and painting them 
all to match...in a nice soft grey like 
benjamin moore's "silver fox"
maybe even in a fun color,
like farrow and ball's "delft blue":

and then finding some 
yummy fabric to cover the seats,
like "chenonceau" by schumacher:
you'll need to stay tuned to see what i end up doing!
one of these days, i will have my
laboratory (own home) back, and when i do, 
i am going to go c-r-a-z-y.
well, as crazy as my budget will allow me~
aren't great neighbors wonderful?


  1. Ah, how great that she gave them to you! They really are fabulous and I can't wait to see which color you choose!

  2. Those chairs are beautiful!
    I just picked up some Drexel faux bamboo furniture on Saturday from a Craigslist post! I think I hit the jackpot! I'll post pics of them on my blog soon.

  3. You lucky girl! Those chairs are stunning!

  4. I almost spit out my wine from jealousy. What a great neighbor!!

  5. I can't even believe it!!!! I just had that wallpaper hung in my foyer!!! It is stunning. I saw the fabric on a chair while shopping at Schumacher in NY and said - if that comes in a wallpaper - I have to use it somewhere and voila!!!!!

  6. sara,
    that is too funny! i hope you didn't stain anything.

    i am so jealous! i love this pattern, and i am sure it looks STUNNING in your foyer! in fact, i would love to see a picture! send one to me and i will post it!

  7. those chairs are great! they will look like a million bucks when you're finished with them, i know so. it's good to know that you have a inventory situation in your garage as well. mine is in my parents' because we live in the city-it's getting a little out of hand!

  8. I would love to see your chairs when finished. I bought some similar chairs and I still trying to decide what treatment to use on them. Love your blog. Please stop by Three Dogs At Home and check out my chairs.

  9. My walls are Silver Fox by Benny Moore. Ohhhh it's a delicious colour. You would LOVE it.

  10. Autumn thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am really enjoying looking around your site.

  11. what great chairs - what about a fun, fruity color - lime green? bright orange? lemon yellow? or hot pink or turquoise.

  12. heather,
    i am totally digging chartreuse these days! that would be a bold move! it's so hard to make decisions when i don't even know what my next house will look like.

  13. How lucky!!! I love these chairs. I happened to discover two at my local farmer's market on "garage sale Sundays" for $20! I thought that was a pretty good bargain, but free is even better! I painted them glossy white and added burlap-colored linen to the seats. They now live in the dining room of a client of mine & she is on the hunt for more~ too bad yours aren't for sale! Enjoy...