Jun 2, 2010

*flattered* jen's foyer

i met jen in high school. 
we had a ton of classes together, 
and really bonded by trying to make each other laugh. 
(i still have some of the "poems" 
that we wrote in "praise" of
our AP English teacher, mrs. aumueller, who was,
by our estimates, at least 124 years old.)
after high school, we kept in touch by sending 
each other gag birthday gifts; the sillier the better.
the goal was simply to make each other laugh.
 our communication really picked 
up about 2 years ago when we discovered facebook.
i had posted several  pictures of our treyburn remodel, 
and jen was smitten by the foyer.
 she asked if she could copy it.
i was *flattered*,
and of course i said yes!
we have since collaborated on a few other rooms in her house,
and enjoy bantering about design and her home, which
she is slowly transforming into a stunner. 
jen is now the creative director for an interactive ad agency,
but i think she is harboring a secret fantasy
to be an interior designer. 

one look at her home, and you will see why:

here is jen's version of "my"  foyer...
doesn't it look incredible?
she also used the same paint colors--- 
 raccoon hollow on the walls, 
swiss coffee on the trim,
and onyx on the doors.
while the floors in our foyer were 
walnut and maple, jens foyer features prefinished
oak in two different stains.
this saved her a lot of time and money,
but the end result is just as stunning as the
higher-end verison!
don't you love her collage on the wall,
and the accessories on the entry table?
the table, by the way, is ikea's stockholm sofa table.
the silver cups are vintage dog trophies.
(jen and her husband have two of the most spoiled pugs on the planet!)

just like in our foyer, jen carried the checkerboard
floors into the powder room.
this wallpaper was used to 
add some color and whimsy.
here is a look at the original foyer
in my last house:

just so you can appreciate all the hard work that
jen and her husband did, here are some before pictures:

i hope you enjoyed this transformation!
i will be posting some pictures of jen's closet
next week sometime...


  1. I am in love with the brownish shade on the walls! Share?

  2. Absolutely stunner! I am in LOVE with the ballroom wallpaper! And that color on the walls looks amazing!

  3. Just lovely! I want it all!!!!! Bravo to Jen!

    I must know where is that She & Him Silhoutte blue artwork from?

  4. Glad you showed the before so I could appreciate how much effort went into the makeover of this space. Jen did a great job.

  5. ann,
    it is "raccoon hollow" by benjamin moore.

  6. GREAT colors! and that floor is so much fun!


  7. It looks amazing!

  8. high-heeled foot i the door,
    here is where you can find that poster:

  9. What a huge difference......... It looks amazing !

  10. I hope that I will flatter you as well when I copy it! Unfortunately I have like 20 stained wood doors to paint (yech)

  11. What a lovely foyer and what a compliment to you that she copied yours.

  12. Oh my word, this transformation is so incredible that I paused a World Cup game to make my husband see the before and after.. Thank goodness he was very impressed as well or I could have been a gonner!

  13. stephanie,
    glad to hear the transformation was WORTHY of a world cup interruption!

  14. Hi Autumn, Jody in SLC again. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving your opinion. I have started painting my doors and am in LOVE!!! I have 3 doors all in one SMALL hallway that basically form a T...is it too much to paint them all black? I do have pictures...and would love to send you my before and after pics as well!

  15. jody,
    if you want to send pictures, send them to me at:

    i also make house calls, if you are interested!

  16. I'm in Love with the checkerboard floor! What product did Jen use since my floor guys said the hardwood "tile" parquet is no longer available. Want to go the simpler route with the prefinished to avoid the dust and sanding. Help and hurry :>). Sitting on ready with this project ;>)

  17. sweet home alabama,

    hey! i hope you read this...i tried to find your email address so i could get this info to you in a personal e-mail, but i was unable to locate an email address for you.

    as far as jens foyer goes:
    she ordered a prefinished hardwood and took the planks to a local hardwood installer to have them cut and to have the additional grooves cut in the side for the installation.

    we used unfinished hardwood, and ordered it from our local harwwod supplier/installer. we specified that we wanted them all cut the same length, and the additional grooves to be cut in the sides.

    let me know if you need any more info!
    best of luck.