Jun 24, 2010

saltillo tile

a new client of mine has saltillo tile in her home.
it adds such charm and warmth into any space,
and i am looking forward to designing her tiled room.
her floors reminded me of a home that my husband built in tennessee.
the homeowners fell in love with the tiled floors of homes they had
visited in the south of france,
and wanted to replicate that 
warmth and timeless appeal in their home.
isn't this arch fabulous?
my husband dreams up the most glorious things!
don't believe me? check out this ceiling in house #5.
the gates actually function--the homeowners have
several dogs, and the gates keep them out of (or in)
the kitchen area.
the saltillo tile that the homeowners chose
was handmade in a tiny village in mexico. it was hand cut, and
then laid out in the sun to dry. if you look closely at it,
you can see chicken and dog prints all over the tile!
the homeowners love this detail, as they are animal lovers.
no, i am not the interior designer of these spaces...
i was involved in the early stages of the design process,
but when i got pregnant with baby #3, i decided to
step aside and concentrate on my family. 
i think the interiors turned out lovely.
here is a view of the front of the house...
because i know all of you were wondering!
it is even more beautiful in person.
here is a view of the back...
and a view of the view!
this, my friends, is why i miss living in east tennessee!
to see more pictures of this home, click here.

and many thanks to laurie at tip junkie,
who featured my chinese themed
birthday party today! you can check it out here.


  1. Tennesse who would have thought....Wow .. I am putting it on my travel list!

  2. TENNESSE?! WOW! It's beautiful. I understand why you would miss it. The house is beyond amazing too. I'm in love. :)

  3. Gorgeous work...I've never been to Tennesse, I must! Janell

  4. your husband is a rockstar, as are you, my dear! the detail in this home is amazing--you're a lucky woman! :)

  5. this house is beautious! and that view is as well, tennessee seems lovely, at least in these photos!

  6. Gorgeous house! I have to say, I love your design style! A quick question~ I wanted to buy a benjamin moore fan deck and there were a couple to choose from off of their site. Do you know which one is best? Thanks for your help! ~Michelle

  7. I would get the "classic colors" deck.

  8. tennessee IS lovely, y'all.
    i miss the south terribly sometimes, but utah has it's own beauty that i am growing to love as well.

  9. My husband is friends of the owners and I have been all through this home. Your husband is very talented!