Jun 19, 2010

father's day gift wrapping

ok. first, a disclaimer.
i realized last night that father's day 
is tomorrow.
(how did that sneak up on me so quickly?!)
i totally thought it was NEXT sunday.
so maybe you can use 
 these ideas for next year!
all 3 of these projects were made using:
2 thrift store ties, and old mens shirt,
and wood and paper mache boxes purchased
at a craft store.
this first idea would actually be really 
easy to pull off last-minute.
it's just a wood box (purchased at michaels)
that has been stained and adorned with a thrift store tie .
the box will also become a gift in itself, when it
is used to store the sports illustrated magazines
that will be one of my hubby's gifts this year!
this second box is another simple diy project,
but is a little more complicated than the wood box,
i started with a plain paper mache box. 
an old men's shirt,
some striped grosgrain ribbon,
and another thrift store tie.
the silk tie and mens shirt were cut apart
and used to cover a the box.
the result is a fun, tailored box with a masculine feel
that can be used over and over again!
this boutonniere was created using
"leftovers" from both ties.
it's adorable on top of this gift,
but can also be used for dad to wear on his special day!
so, there you have it;
three quick, simple and affordable ways to make 
some pretty and unique gift boxes for dad...
that maybe you can make
---er--next year!


  1. This is so ridiculously clever and crafty- I can't stand it! You are good!

  2. Look at that flower! Look at that box! You are so talented!! You know that??

  3. aww shucks girls...thanks!
    however, if i were REALLY, really talented, i would have remembered that father's day was THIS week and not NEXT!

  4. Autumn these turned out great!!! I too am scrambling last moment for the "Dad's Day" gift and I have no energy to do it. I'll have to try these next year for sure! Love em'!!!

  5. I am envious of you, again. ;) because while I do have the gift, it may be given in the zappos box in came in, or if i'm feeling really sassy i might drag out a reused dollar store, previously used gift bag and top it all off with some wrinkled tissue paper. you got more than your fair share of creativity my friend.

  6. I love the wood grain box with the tie!

  7. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Very creative! If any craft stores were open tonight at 10:30, I would be heading out to find a wood box.

  9. seriously these are GORGEOUS!! I need to buy some of your rosettes from you.

  10. Honestly just GORGEOUS and sooo masculine at the same time! Your talent is amazing!

  11. Hi Autumn - I totally love your execution of this and was happy to write about it recently on my blog (www.thegiftedblog.com). There is a serious dearth of manly gift wrap ideas out there and this is spot on!

  12. Parabéns por esse lindo trabalho feito para os pais.
    Você está de parabéns!!!
    Eu adorei.