Jun 22, 2010

dream laundry room

my laundry is backing up again.
the kids are home for the summer,
and i am spending far too much time neglecting my 
household duties. in our rental house, the "laundry room" is a
pass-through space on the way to the garage.
no door.
no window.
perfectly. blah.
i dream of a laundry room with 
some color
and texture, 
a fun rug, 
and an amazing light fixture.
maybe a little something like this:
dash and albert birmingham citrus rug
faucet from waterworks
wallpaper found here
quadrille fabric
anthroplogie knob
amazing light fixture

i am certain that if i had a laundry room
that looked like this, my laundry would
always be done. always.
at least that's what i like to tell myself...


  1. Sounds like we have twin laundry rooms...Janell

  2. That would be awesome! It is a room that always gets neglected with decor!

  3. Oooo, just tucked this away for future house. As it turns out I only have a "laundry closet."

  4. that's a really pretty mood board- i love everything, especially the wallpaper on the ceiling and the light fixture!