Jun 4, 2010

jen's closet

remember my friend jen?
the one who is  harboring a secret fantasy to be an
interior designer?
well, check out the magic she pulled off in her closet:

isn't it fun? 
i think it is the perfect mix
of fun and chic and elegance.

paint: "slate" from restoration hardware

chandelier from lowe’s:

thanks for sharing jen!


  1. I've been eyeing those Martha Stewart faux bois carpet tiles for awhile. After seeing her real life installation, I think I'm sold. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a pretty closet - I just stared and stared at that gorgeous poster. I love Jackie O's style and it is perfect inspiration for a closet.

  3. I love her renovated entry! Wow!

  4. Awesome! Love the poster and the carpet tiles. I'm thinking I could use those in my front hallway.

  5. WHERE did she get those floor tiles! Love!!!

  6. I went to that exhibit at the Field Museum with my mom five years ago. I didn't buy that poster and have been kicking myself for it ever since! Love it in this closet!

  7. Love the floor tiles!! Actually, I love the whole closet. We may need to see more of her home.

  8. becky,
    the poster is available online! just follow the link in my post.
    just click the link at the end of the post to buy the floor tiles!

  9. I have seen both Jen's entry hall and closet in person - AMAZING! Oh and Jen did the whole closet project in one weekend. She is amazing