Sep 8, 2010

front porch makeover

i found this makeover in an old issue of southern living,
and wanted to share it.
i really like that this couple transformed the exterior of thier
home, but did so in a very subtle and classic way.
the changes they made added oodles
of curb appeal, 
without any major structural changes.
the corbels that were added to the sides of the arbor awning
and the new roof on the front porch add interest and
connect the house to the added elements.
notice how the rock wall is only on one side 
of the front porch? the other side is open to the walk.
an interesting choice...
below are a couple more arbor awnings that
i thought were really pretty:
doesn't this one scream "southern"?
i love it.
this one has a rustic quality to it, 
and looks like an easy diy project 
for even a novice woodworker.
i think these arbors can add a lot of 
curb appeal to a house.
i love to see them over garage doors,
with climbing roses or wisteria growing on them. 
just thinking about it makes me smile.


  1. Ooo, great inspiration. I need to redo our front walk and I love the idea of a half wall as a railing up the steps.

  2. We are about to add a portico to our front door. I sure hope it's ends up looking as great as so many of the Southern Living updates!

    You do a great job of taking a picture you like and dissecting it to reveal the details. I love that! I am trying to get better at it.

  3. I have "filed away" the same photos of that front exterior transformation! Great minds (or tastes)...