Sep 10, 2010

way to go, jcp

i am in the process of wrapping up the
construction office lobby. 
just a few finishing touches,
(including a new coffee table)and it will be done. 
since the budget for the lobby was very tight,
i wanted to find pieces that would
work in a commercial setting.
and looked high-end
without the high-end price tag.

i ended up using two of these tables:

yeah, found at jc penny.
they have some seriously good stuff.
here are a few other affordable finds:

this lamp is under $50.

this ottoman for only $169

this chair = $399

a gorgeous mirrored chest for only $289
(wouldn't these be fun as nightstands?)

i've been wanting
this trellis footstool forever.
a pair of them, actually.
i have almost pulled the trigger
several times, but i am just not
sure what the layout of house #6 will be,
and if i will really "need" them.
i might just buy them anyway. they are so
small and portable and can really be used, they would be SUPER
easy to recover.
hmmm...i may have just talked myself into a pair
of cute trellis stools.


  1. I remember an earlier post on this project and loved the approach for the "artwork", and you are smart to look for sturdy items to handle the wear and tear of a commercial space. Yesterday while sitting in a waiting room I put my foot up on a coffee table and it wobbled so much I seriously thought it was going to tumble over! Slightly dangerous?! Janell

  2. JCP, really?!!! Who knew. I remember as a teenager being mortified to shop at JCP with my mom for jeans. They have come a long way.

  3. Nice! That ottoman fabric is very similar to the KW Imperial Trellis! By the way, today, you get free shipping on all orders over $75 @ JCP. ♥ THAT!


  4. I would totally agree. JC Penney has been a wonderful asset in adding fun accents and furniture to our new home without going over our budget!