Sep 16, 2010

window treatments: details and trim

for me, a lot of the beauty in a room 
is in the details.
by adding a band of patterned fabric 
to this super simple london shade,
they become scrumptious.
you could easily buy a pre-made shade and add your own band 
at the bottom to get a designer look for cheap!
love that yummy fringe. 
and isn't that wall color pretty?
LOVE this one.
it is a very formal window treatment, 
but becomes fresh and interesting
because of the black and white striped fabric. 
and that scallop trim is one fun and sassy detail!
i've seen this image a bajillion times, 
but i still  love it.
the bold pattern and color and pattern 
of the drapes are pretty great,
but mix in that simple band at the bottom, 
and it becomes amazing.
it's all in the details, folks.
this embroidered edge is really, really pretty.
and i'm sure it is really, really expensive...
mary really knows how to add some detail!
LOVE the banding on the edge of the drapes.
love it, love it. love it.
an interesting double layer of trim 
dresses up this valance.
see that little blue band at the top of this window treatment?
so subtle, 
yet it has so much impact.
taking a simple ribbon and running along the edge of 
any drapery really adds another 
layer of yumminess to any space.
(this could be super easy to do to any existing window treatment!)


  1. I just did a tutorial on adding trim to drapes, though haven't put it on my blog yet. It is amazing what a little trim or detail can do to simple drapery panels! Have a great day, love the images, very very inspirational! Janell

  2. One of the least inexpensive ways to get the job done is to take your ready made panels to a dry cleaners to have the trim added. Trim is expensive so there is not a lot of margin for error, better leave that job to a pro.

  3. Really gorgeous selection of window treatment ideas here. Love the subtle trims and bands you pointed out, especially Mary's!

    Something a little simpler to also pay attention to and that can have a nice impact on drapes are tiebacks.