Sep 23, 2010

my new precious

yep. it's mine.
allllll mine.

i wasn't planning on upgrading to the iphone 4,
but i was considering buying a small camera to take
with me to meetings, and the camera on the iphone is
pretty amazing. (killing two birds with one stone!)
plus, it has a video camera, AND
face time. and an HD screen.
and it looks cool. and i got a free
case. and my kids can now use my old iphone as
an itouch.(recycling! yay!)
and i look good holding it.
check out the camera:
OLD iphone:

NEW iphone:



nuff said.
go get one.
if you are unclear about my feelings for my iphone,


  1. I got one... it is soo much better than the original. SO worth it, even the videos are great!!

  2. so frugal you are, not buying a new camera ;) the picture quality looks so much better.

  3. I am not an apple person, but I just got a new Droid yesterday and am in love. I have played around on the I-phone before, and this is pretty similar, I just like it better because I am die-hard Google person and everything I need is synched up :)

  4. amen momma rhyne! it IS so much better.

    and alison, i know, right? i just saved myself not only the cost of a new camera, but also the cost of an itouch for my kiddos. so frugal indeed!

    katie, i have heard the droid is pretty great...i hope you enjoy yours!

  5. haha -- I love the NEW Precious! You know you are the one responsible for my getting the I-Phone in the first place. I love it! I'm glad to see that they improved on the camera. Lucky girl!