Sep 28, 2010

big trim

just a few shots of the interior of a house
 that my husband built in tennessee.
how 'bout THAT crown molding?
southerners love their trim!
the ceiling in the entry and dining room of this house are 12', 
so in order to create a better proportion in the room, 
we designed the wainscoting to be very tall, 
and the crown molding to come down nearly a foot into the wall space.
 doing this creates the illusion of a more "user friendly" proportion.
it creates a more cozy and livable feeling in a room 
where a person could feel a little lost.
here is a shot of the entry.
i had a lot of fun helping the owners 
design those stained glass transoms,and side lights. 
(p.s. they were NOT cheap.)
notice that we painted the ceiling the same color as the walls.
this not only showcases the trim, but actually
highlights the ceiling height without making it feel too high.
a view of the living room.
we added some beams to dress up the ceiling.
also, we used a color just
a few shades lighter than the wall for the ceiling.
while the ceiling still reads as "white", it is
actually a cream color. 
this helps the trim to really stand out.
a nice simple, traditional mantle 
with a soft arch over the opening.
notice the nice detailing on it?
little things like that really add to a space~
we designed the marble slab on the hearth to lay level with the 
hardwood floors. this allows the hearth the read as
floor space, which visually expands the floor, 
and allows the homeowner
(if needed) to place the leg of a table or chair on the hearth.
also, by laying the hearth level with the floor,
you alleviate any possibility of tripping!
oooo...have you ever tripped on a hearth,
or gigged your ankle on the corner of one?
not fun.


  1. I LOVE trim, maybe I should move to the south, LOL. Too much modern here in Seattle, YUCK!! That is such a beautiful house!!

  2. Love the trim, love the colors you selected. You and your husband do great work! Thanks for the peek.

  3. Oh my heart just goes pitter patter when I see all that trim!!!

  4. wowee!
    Are the homeowners going to have a gallery on the wainscotting in the foyer? What does the outside look like? Do you get to decorate it?

  5. Is molding just a Southern thing? If it is, I'm def apart of the cliché' because I've always loved a wide trim!

    Gorgeous home, Autumn. Thanks for sharing!!

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  6. Very very pretty, I love all the traditional details.

  7. Wow! This is why I love traditional houses.

  8. I love, love, love architectural details painted in white. When can I move in?

  9. Absolutely breathtaking! I'm a sucker for anything with trim and painted ceilings!

  10. I love the high wainscotting! We have the same in our dining room. How would you hang art work though? Above seems too high...

  11. So I have a silly question I am sure, but I have been trying to find the perfect beige color and can't seem to do it. Something light and airy, like the living room in these pics. I some how end up with a color too dark or too yellow. Any good paint suggestions?

  12. thanks for all the comments!
    i am going to try and address each of the questions that were asked below:

    the house is really pretty from the front--it is a southern living plan from frank betz. i will try to locate a picture and post it soon!
    and yes, the homeowners did have some pretty art hanging in the entry.
    and a mirror as well.
    i helped them decorate it a little bit. i helped them with all of the major selections of the home---hardwood, paint color, cabinetry, etc, as well as furniture and rugs. it was a 30 minute drive from my house though, so after i gave them a good foundation, they worked with a local decorator for the window treatments and accessories.

    you can move in anytime! you'll just have to kick the current homeowners out and give them about 750K.

    we just hung the art right on top of the wainscoting. it looked beautiful! you just gotta make sure you get the hole where you want it the FIRST time!

    the leishman family,
    great question.
    i believe the walls in the living room were painted:
    whole wheat by sherwin williams.
    a fabulous neutral that i have used several times, and it always looks great~

  13. This home is so beautiful. I love love the trim and colors.
    Great Job the two of you!!!!

  14. Thanks so much for the quick response, I am picking the paint up today! :)

  15. oh my gosh...what a beautiful home! Breathtaking... I love all the crown moulding!