Sep 21, 2010

riding that line...

between classic and modern.
this house does it so well...

love that high gloss door!
isn't the staircase divine?
black doors!
and a touch of zebra never hurts...
even though the walls are white, the countertops and
backsplash are white,and there is a lot of stainless steel,
this room reads as "warm" because of all the wood.
the floor to ceiling tile is beautiful.
and i love the color--not too dark, not too light.
lovely silk curtains...
although these look like they are made from a
silk taffeta, not dupioni.
the wallcovering/stencil behind the headboard 
really makes the room.
another gorgeous bathroom.
just doing my part to make your tuesday 
a little happier...
*smiles, autumn

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  1. You made my Tuesday much happier. Now I am trying to think which door I can switch to high gloss black!

  2. Holy @$#)!
    My new dreamhouse - LOVE THE BACK 'YARD'
    thank you ;)

  3. Oh, I love this! Can I move in?

  4. herlongwayhome,
    you have permission to move in, but only if you let me move in with you.
    oh, and we may need to make room for my husband and three kiddos.

    no kidding, RIGHT?
    doesn't that backyard look like a resort?
    i have officially decided to hate whoever lives here...

  5. This house is so pretty. A perfect fusion of traditional and modern.

  6. yes, I too am freaking out about this beauty. What an inspiration! I mean, I aspire to live here!!!

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife